The Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment presents opportunities for improving wayfinding within the existing campus with the introduction of a new building and its links to the existing buildings on the site.

The wayfinding system will be made up of the combined impact of architecture, landscaping, interior design, lighting, art, signs, people, printed and digital information. Used together these components can communicate information effectively, helping people make good decisions about how to get to and from their destination.

A system of paths from all vehicle and bike parking areas will be accessible and provide clear networks to guide people to key facilities with landscape, lighting and any landmarks to support these routes.

The key components of external wayfinding will focus on:
  • Clearly identifying the facilities and entrances on approach;
  • Providing information to enable everyone to easily find the most convenient site entrance whichever method of transport they use;
  • Orientating people so once they arrive they will need to be able to clearly identify and recognise the approach paths and entrances;
  • Developing a new system of coordinated campus signs within a cohesive redeveloped landscape to provide a historic, cultural journey of the region within the hospital campus.
The external design will flow through into the redeveloped hospital, with an emphasis on natural, light-filled spaces looking out and with access to the surrounding environment. It will integrate elements of the natural world not only through windows but in material selections, colours and textures.

Local elements such as artworks, place names, historical and cultural items or references will be included to create a culturally relevant environment, waiting areas and patient lounges are planned to have operable windows offering access to the sounds and smells of the outdoors, along with fresh air.


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